Kireina Yuri (綺麗な百合, Lit. Beautiful Lilies) is an Anime community that focuses primarily on Japanese media that have Yuri/Lesbian romantic relationships and Girls Club genre shows. With the growing popularity of Yuri anime in 2018 as more Yuri related anime release such as Citrus and Kase-san with more on the way, I wanted to create a community focusing on Yuri and Girls Club anime, manga and video games, which have some yuri elements.

Currently, there is no English Yuri communities outside of Reddit. In comparison, Yaoi have quite a few big communities. The goal with this project is to create a Yuri and CGDCT fan community that can rival its counterpart for and by the fans without any advertisements.

What is Yuri? 

It’s a Japanese term also known as Girl’s Love and the Kanji itself basically means lilly (百合、ゆり) in Japanese. It’s a genre of anime and manga that focuses on lesbian relationships or romantic relationships between two women.

You can learn more about the yuri genre at these sites:

Why focus on Girls’ Club genre as well?

Most often or not, this genre of Anime tends to have subtle or noticeable yuri elements, mostly because the cast is mostly or completely female. Some examples are Comic Girls, Slow Start, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka, Love Live School Idol Project, and Kiniro Mosaic.

Can I talk about other LGBT media besides Yuri?

Yes, you can as there is even a forum for it.

Do I need to own a blog focusing on Yuri or create Yuri media to post here?

No, everyone is free to join. Note that we focus primarily on yuri and media that have a mostly or all female cast. However, there are forums that allow you to discuss other anime that doesn’t fall in these genres.